Internship @EPEKA, arrival Maribor

Dear followers, the following two months I will take place as an intern @EPEKA Slovenia, as a Belgian student from the UCLL. My task is to contribute in several projects organised by EPEKA. It’s going to be a wonderfull and learning process. One of the projects I will contribute to is the Artneighboryouth project.

Yesterday I arrived at the beautiful country of Slovenia. Stefan, president of EPEKA, invited me at his home for diner. I also met the rest of the EPEKA crew at the diner. All of them welcomed me with open arms, I already felt home! We had different conversations on various issues of society, which were extremely interesting to follow in my opinion.


After the diner, our first meeting began. It was a very instructive experience. We talked about the ongoing projects and what we had to do next. It’s clear for me that EPEKA is an organization that truly wants to change something in Society. It was a very inspiring experience. Today I will have my first day of work, I’m curious!

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