First weeks in Maribor #internshipEPEKA

Dear followers,

To begin I have to mention that the past 2 weeks were very interesting. I’ve met a lot of people, who al had their part in youth work. The first week I got to know the working processes of EPEKA and more in general cultural organisations (NGO’s). There are divers projects running thanks to EPEKA, not only with a art component but also others like employment, minorities, etc…

Because of artneighboryouth, I was able to do my internship in Maribor. For this reason, I have to keep the whole concept of artneighboryouth in mind while I’m fulfilling my internship. This is why I started the project “The voices of Maribor”.

This Facebookpage and project has been made to create public discussion about social matters, problems, thorny issues and solutions in Maribor. Everyone can join and speak out about their opinion. Almost every subject can be a topic to talk about: politics, employment, public space, art, inclusion, public services for youngsters and many more!

In February I want to create an exhibition about the most inspiring and intriguing post/opinions of the people of Maribor.


At this very moment I’m doing research to find problems in the society of Maribor. I’m interviewing youngsters to get lots of information, because they can give me lots of information and subjects to discuss about. Out of this research, I’ll gather different elements to start the first discussion. Let’s hope the people will response!

Peace out,


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