Art Neighboryouth stands for youth art projects in public space, organised by youngsters questioning a social topic.

During two years we want to organise such community art projects with youth, initiated by youth art organisations and youth worker education organisations. The youngsters will use artistic processes to investigate a social issue. Here they pay close attention to social interaction with a diverse group of people. The development of a roadmap for youth art work in public space is innovative. Youth art projects are usually organised in youth centres, cultural centres or schools. Those are safe, isolated areas. But when we want to activate the citizenship of the participating youngsters, it’s necessary to explore the society in all its glory. The public space offers the ideal social laboratory for such a project. During the project we will develop a generic European roadmap with special attention for local context of aspects. The roadmap will document the process that we follow in three youth art communities that we organise in Belgium, Slovenia and Bulgaria.

From artistic cases, we define success factors and difficulties. We will share our findings through a blog with young people, youth organisations (youth workers), youth worker education organisations (youth workers in education and youth worker educators), and individuals who work with youth. The goal of the project is to promote youth art in the public space. The professionalization of youth workers and youth workers education is an important objective. Every youth art community is a bottom-up project realised by the participants (youngsters, students and youth workers).



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