Selector: 3 road-maps for youth art work


Dear friends, this is a list of free online road-maps addressing youth art work issues and methods, produced mostly with Erasmus+ support. Whether you are looking for new skills or knowledge, ideas for youth art work E+ projects or trying to find like-minded people from around Europe, these 3 resource-documents are a good starting point.

Creating Magic, published by the National Youth Council of Ireland, 2013

This is the 2013 re-issue of the Creating Magic road-map published by the National Youth Council of Ireland. The first edition was published in 2003 and was quite a big success with a lot of youth clubs taking inspiration from it. This in practice success and due to the fact that “Youth arts practice has become more complex, more sophisticated, more youth-led“ have lead to its re-launch 10 years later. With the words of the authors:

“The document illustrates the many phases involved in moving from an original idea, on to exploring an art form, through to the final completion of a project or programme. This is not a linear planning process where one step follows another but rather an overlapping, flowing process where the project remains responsive and open to needs and local circumstances as they arise.“

You can download this resource-publication via this lik:



Educational theatre as the place for raising inclusion and employability of people with disability, published by the Association for prevention of stigmatization and education through theatre – UPSET from Croatia, 2015

“The E+ Manual is an open licence tool for all those wanting to use educational theatre in their work, particularly when working with people with disability and addressing subjects such as raising the inclusion of people with disability and raising their employability skills. (…) It is not a Manual of answers but rather of exciting ideas, methods, models of work and concrete practices and exercises that aim to inspire the reader. Regardless if you are working with people with disability (PWD), with some minority group, general public or children, we hope you will find something that will help you in your work or help you create ideas that will improve your educational work.“

You can download this resource-publication via this lik:



The Canvass of life – figurative art for social inclusion, 2016

“This is collection of different non formal education methods based on figurative art in order to combat social exclusion of troubled youth. (…)”The Canvass of Life” is a multi-activity aimed at improving the condition of problematic youth (youngsters with a difficult family condition, an history of abuses, drug/alcohol addiction, offences) involving a number of youngsters and youth/social workers coming from Italy, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Portugal (…).“

You can download this resource-publication via this lik:


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