Bulgarian yac

Bulgarian project partner KRUG Youth Center (KRUG Art Movement) has started the project blog addressed to the local and national youth art organisations, youth artists and trainers – http://krug-movement.tumblr.com/.

KRUG is an NGO in public space specialised in the art activities, artist-in-residency programs, art in the open air and local development by CIs. Since 2001 we have been working in Kardzhali region where the biggest part of the Turkish minority in Bulgaria lives.

KRUG has 2 main structures. The first one was established in 2002 in Kardzhali central city and acts as a communication centre for cultural policies and education.

The second one called European Cultural Youth House was formed in 2004 in Dazhdovnitsa village with Turkish population, located 12 km from Kardzhali and acts as a cosmopolitan center for artists-in-residency programs, debates and regional festivals by elaborating of new forms of expression with participation of minorities. More than 1,000 youth artists and experts from all over of world have worked there since 2005 up to now. Size of KRUG: 3 full-time people, 4 part-time, 112 young volunteers 12-25 years old.

KRUG team has specific expertise in the following field:

  • to bridge minorities and local communities by means of debates, education and Cultural Industries (CIs);
  • to improve impact on local policy-makers to develop culture and education as general resource for local development;
  • to provide opportunities for art expression to national and international youth artists to work at new spaces – suburban areas, old industry building, rural zones at the open air, heritage, etc.

KRUG has a license issued by Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria for using culture and cultural research to strengthen civil society (2008) and award of Bulgarian Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism for achievements in work with local communities (2012). Since 2008 in partnership with Kardzhali public authorities KRUG has been organised the annual initiative “Multicultural City” – a new technology to meet and motivate citizens for social innovations by using inter cultural memory resources.

KRUG is a member of: the Anna Lindh network for EU-Mediterranean cooperation, Art Factories (International Platform resources), National Rural Network-Bulgaria, etc.

The working context of KRUG Youth Art Community (YAC) can be characterized by the following features: international art cooperation in multiethnic environment, linguistic diversity, multicultural education, modeling the social environment through art.

You can see some of the current KRUG youth art work instruments “in process”. Place: art village Dazhdovnitsa, Kardzhali municipality…

The village contains not only place – but also people and generations in their interaction.