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The Synagogue of the Bulgarian capital of Sofia has housed the Jewish Museum of History since 8 May, 1992. The Museum presents the history of Bulgarian Jews, including their fate during World War II. The Exposition “The Spiritual Light of the Synagogue” in KRUG Art Gallery was opened on 8 May (Monday) at 18.00 by the Director of the Jewish Historical Museum – the historian Vladimir Paunovski.

Плакат 8 май

Who are the most influential spiritual leaders of the Jewish community after the re-establishment of the Bulgarian state under the Treaty of San Stefano of March 3, 1878? What are the general aims of their activity? Who are the initiators and architects of the Sofia Central Synagogue – one of the largest and most beautiful Jewish buildings in Europe and the world? What problems did they encounter when implementing this huge project and why was it necessary? What are the many cultural, political and socio-economic activities besides the religious functions that the Synagogue, as an institution, has been performing since its creation up to now? Why is it the natural place where the second Jewish Museum in the Balkans was created in 1992? What cultural influence did the synagogue as an institution and as an idea summary has on the development of the socio-cultural life of Bulgarian society for more than a century? These and many other questions are answered by the exhibition “The Spiritual Light of the Synagogue” of the National Jewish Museum of History on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. The exposition is a part of the Cultural of the “Multicultural City” 2017 Initiative of KRUG Art Movement and Kardzhali Municipality.

Еврейски семейни снимки и документи от България 1915-1946

The context in which we have prepared this event is special.

From 1 to 7 May hundreds of events were taking place across Europe to celebrate the 2017 European Youth Week! Hundreds people, institutions and teams in Europe and all over the world organise a variety of activities and events for all ages to celebrate the Europe Day 2017 on 9 May. How do we emphasize the contribution of young people to the mosaic of the 4 contemporary challenges facing Europeans today: solidarity, inclusiveness, democracy and active citizenship? We say this: Don’t miss this chance to participate and let the world know how you can make a real impact in your community! Get involved in youth policy making!

The annual “Multicultural City” Initiative has been a such technology for our team since 2008 up to now.

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