In the quest for change in Maribor

Dear followers

The last days were very productively. First of all I gave a presentation about the importance of a youth worker in the work framework of the Fair Employment project. It’s important to help youngsters in their process of development and finding their own identity. When the youngsters truly know what they stand for and who they are, they will be in a better position to fight the world. This process of self-development is a never ending story of course! If you possess more and more self-knowledge, you will create opportunities for yourself. This fact we should not forget in case of job opportunities. As an example, we can use the Roma workshops. Through informal education we can develop new skills (English basics, exploring new talents, etc…), which the Roma can use for self-development and even in search of a new job.

IMG_0115 (2).JPG

Second I’m starting up a new project, called “The dirty laundry of Maribor”. The project is a social project with public participation. There is a English saying that goes like: “To air your dirty laundry”. We are going to implement this saying into reality! What’s your opinion about problems in Maribor? What do you think about this city? Do you have met any struggles in Maribor? The people have to tell us.
They can participate 17 February 2017 during “The dirty laundry of Maribor – project”. Write down your opinion and issues on the dirty laundry hanging at a public clothesline. Combine your strength and tell us what is happening in Maribor. At the end, we will collect all of the opinions and communicate them to the municipality. Through active citizenship we can actually change something!


In the end of February I will make an exhibition about the project in the EPEKA gallery. Also we will put all of the opinions in the Facebook community “The voices of Maribor”. Here we can discuss afterwards and take further action!


Peace out,


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