The dirty laundry of Maribor, project day

Dear followers

Last tuesday, 21 Febraury, I had my project “The dirty Laundry of Maribor”. Some weeks ago I already posted some information about the project on this blog, so in case of you have forgotten something: have a look to the previous post.

I’ve got to say that the project was really a succes. There was a lot of response and people were extremely enthusiastic. Because of those facts, we received a big amount of different opinions, all of them with their truth about it. It also got picked up by the local media and they were very intrigued by the idea that a young, foreign student actually tried to help the city of Maribor.

With this project we have showed the people of Maribor that there still is somekind of active citizenship present in their city. The one thing that caught my attention was that people were very curious about what was happening. Not all of the time people were participating with writing their opinions on the dirty clothes, but on the otherside they we’re reading all of the opinions and started a public discussion. This was my goal: create an open, public discussion!


With all the different materials, photos, videos and opinions that I’ve collected, I will make my own exhibition @EPEKA Gallery. This exhibition will open already this saturday. It will not be a normal exhibition, but an interactive one. What we did during the project day, we will actually also to during the exhibition. People will get a lot of input from the  present opinions on the clothes and after they’ve read them, they can form their own opinion and also write them down on the dirty laudry.

Afterwards, we will have again an open, public discussion during the exhibition. Finally, when I have all of the opinions, I will collect them in a document. This document I will communinicate in the Facebookgroup “The voices of Maribor” and to the municipality.

Let’s hope it will be crowded during the opening of the exhibition!

Peace out


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