By invitation of “Marginalia” association KRUG Art Movement organised a first by its kind youth street art action in Sofia. The action was devoted on the resistance against the growing usage of the hate speech. The action was performed on October 7, which is Word Day of Smile. By tradition this day has been celebrated around the world on every first Friday of October since 1999. The American graphic Harvey Ball is initiator of the tradition for celebrating this day. He is an author of the very popular today yellow face, “smiley”.




60 young people from 13 to 19 years old from 3 Sofia’ schools (# 51, #134 and # 23) worked together with the team of KRUG in the capitals’ boulevard “Vitosha”. The created architecture by textile, art installation by paper, painted texts, posters and collages. They used the street as “working field”, that is suitable for countering to the hate speech through a smile, nevertheless sometimes it may be bitter.

“Peoples as like children” was said by the great Bulgarian writer Chudomir, “they do not like someone to moralize but want to go the truth through entertainment. And if the satire is the surgeon knife, the humour is the sweet ointment of the wound. Because it is such ointment, we do not have another way except to wish this sweet ointment to be produced in large amount and to be sold everywhere because there are a lot wounds for cure.”








Among different attractions on the street a special interest was provoked by the initiative a humour Outlet Shop Super Discount to be opened about bargain-sale of hate texts but of negative or minus prices. Authors of these hate texts has been popular Bulgarian politicians and journalists. Dozens of pedestrians stopped and read “patterns” of the native hate speech which were “sold” with prices from minus (-) 81 to (-) 286 BGN. For instance about the quotation “Why the folk dances are obstacle for you, useless idiots? Instead of to clean from the textbooks this gay Oscar Wilde, you restrict the learning of the Bulgarian folk dances!!!” written by the Bulgarian politician A.D., the auction started from minus (-) 101 BGN. For bright journalistic publications, sowing hate speech to the refuges and migrants, young Roma, Muslims, various romantic tolerasts and liberasts, the prices reached to minus (-) 296 BGN.







The street art show continued a few hours and it was performed by a team of KRUG Art Movement in the name of the belief that the art and its street art tools are able to influence on the change of the social environment and to change the stereotypes of the people.

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