Serbian Youth Art Community

As a part of Art Neighboryouth project, College of Fine and Applied Arts, Belgrade, tried to explore possibilities for their ex students and youngsters from various fields to find their place in future, more creative society. For that purpose College of Fine and Applied Arts made a partnership with youngster organization Urban Incubator, to create Bricolage Lab I, en experimental Design Camp.

Bricolage Lab I, collage of elections, discussions, works in public spaces, practices and workshops, was held in Beglrade in autumn of 2015. With main purpose to investigate the creative space between handmade works and mass-produced culture i.e. to discover new possibilities of resources usage.

Through both the public lectures and the camp program, Bricolage Lab aimed to prime new thought leaders for creative action in the face of daunting social challenges

Looking at the boundaries of bricolage, design and informal practices of that made creative use of existing resources, we considered the innovative combination of pre-existing objects.

One of most interesting workshop during the Bricolage Lab Camp was held in premises of the College of Fine and Applied Arts. Old school benches, once used only for teaching purposes, during the recycling process got a new meaning and became a creative furniture for school yard, i.e. relaxed and refined environment for students.

On Art N eigboryouth meeting in Slovenia in 04. and 05. of July 2016, we got many interesting suggestions for our project from our colleagues from Slovenia, Bulgaria and Belgium and we successfully created a roadmap for our youth art workers who should provide them handholds for Bricolage Lab II in autumn 2016.

Bricolage workshop 1

Bricolage workshop 2

Bricolage workshop 3

Bricolage workshop 4

Bricolage workshop 5

Bricolage workshop 6

Bricolage workshop 7

Bricolage workshop 8

Bricolage workshop 9

Bricolage workshop 10

Bricolage workshop 11

Bricolage workshop 12

Bricolage workshop 13

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