Upcoming event: International Art camp in Dazhdovnitsa art village, the East Rhodopes region, Bulgaria

Grant for professional artists:

photographers, writers, musicians, designers, physical theatre actors, multidisciplinary artists and art researchers.

Art Horizons annual residency program’2016 is the international residential program of KRUG Art Movement for contemporary young artists and practitioners from different countries working in various techniques, genres and styles. The program is open to photographers, writers, musicians, actors and contemporary physical theatre performers with professional stage experience, multidisciplinary artists passionate and inspired by art experiments in the open air interested in practical research of participatory art practice together with colleagues from all over the world.

The program offers the unique time and space for meeting new friends, refreshing creative ideas, generating new creative initiatives and collaboration with like-minded arts people!

 Project dates: August, 20-29, 2016

The thematic scope of program is: “Sorry, no art today” – Ideas for Metamorphoses of the Spirit

The grant supports accommodation and meals during the International Arts Camp 2016 in Dazhdovnitsa art village, the East Rhodopes, Bulgaria.

The camp is based at the territory of the European Youth Art House where 923 international artist and researchers have been working since 2006 up to now.

For letters of intent: arthorizons@abv.bg

For contacts: +359 888 222 540, +359 889 494 336

Art Horizons Residency program'2016

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