Art Neighbouryouth in Maribor, Slovenia

On 8, 9 and 10 April 2016 we hosted the project “Artneighboryouth” in Maribor. We tried to connect young people, youth organizations (youth workers) and youth workers from educational institutions. The main purpose or goal of our project was to promote art in public space. For this reason, we decided to use the public areas of abandoned buildings and areas underpass at the market. We have decided to add them a new image. For this purpose, we have used graffiti. Invited guests from Serbia and Slovenian actors have also rearranged the surface with their graffiti. Our work started immediately after breakfast and ended a little before dinner. During the course of our work a lot of people has stopped to watch us. Among them were young families with children, students and people of older generation. Our work was praised and commented on. Many people said it would be nice to do such things repeatedly, and that the city could change the image by that. We also had a bit of problems with Police and security sevice Sintal. They have thought that we draw and create graffiti without any allowance. Everything was solved in a peaceful and consensual manner.






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